Thursday, 14 March 2013

Chammanthi Podi

Chammanthi podi

Chammanthi podi is a spicy dry powder made of roasted coconut. It is an all time favourite of all Keralites. It is not the one which is had with idli or dosa, but had with rice. Almost in all kerala homes, this is preserved in air-tight containers.

Basic info about the recipe
Cuisine                                                      - south Indian
Serves                                                       - many.

1.   Grated coconut                    - 2 cups
2.   Shallots                                 - 5 nos
3.   Dry red chilli                          - 3 nos
4.   Urad dal                                 - ½ tsp
5.   Salt                                        - to taste
6.   Tamarind                              - 1 tsp
7.   Curry leaves                         - 15-20 nos
8.   Kashmiri red chilli pwdr       - ½ tsp
9.   Coriander seeds                  - ½ tsp

Method: Dry roast all the ingredients except tamarind and salt till golden brown.

Allow it to cool. Grind them adding salt and tamarind. Serve.

Note: I have used dessicated coconut for my podi.

My dry red chillies are very spicy. So, I have reduced its number and added red chilli powder alongwith it.

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